At the forefront of
development –
all for the benefit
of our clients

Active client care is our top priority. Clients of many accountancy firms suffer rushed and poor service. We want to lead by example to make the industry more client-centric.

Uncompromising professionalism with a relaxed attitude

We are independent and self-sufficient. Our decision-making and growth are directed by the desire to continuously improve client care, not by the plans of venture capitalists or a parent company. Excellence is the foundation of our service, and we never compromise it to reach growth. Client-centricity drives our development, and we emphasise the art of listening in our services. Thanks to this, we don’t rush, but genuinely work to understand and value the clients’ needs as the foundation of developing their business. It is important to us that our clients get the undivided attention of our financial managers when they need it. We think uncompromising professionalism and a relaxed attitude complement each other perfectly.

Mertaoja is a pioneering electronic accountancy firm. Anne Mertaoja founded Talouskonsultointi Mertaoja in 2002 when Lauri Mertaoja was Managing Director of Procountor International Oy. We have been developing both Procountor and electronic financial management structure from the very beginning. We take an active role in promoting the digital development of the field while continuously improving personal client care.